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​A Message from Chief Jon Poletski

Thank you for visiting the Anderson Police Department website. The City of Anderson is a small, rural city situated in beautiful northern California along the Interstate 5 corridor. Established in 1872, the City was incorporated in 1956. Anderson was named after Elias Anderson, who owned the largest land grant in the vicinity, and once flourished as a lumber town spurred by railroad activity. Today, with approximately 10,500 residents, the City of Anderson continues to thrive and has become a desirable place to live within Shasta County.

As the City of Anderson's 12th Chief of Police, I take great pride in serving our community and working with the talented officers and support personnel that make up our police department. I strongly support the officers of the Anderson Police Department and am honored to join them as they selflessly serve this wonderful community.

The Anderson Police Department will not cave to the special interest groups trying to destroy the honor of this great profession. We will continue to have a professional and proactive approach to policing and make every effort within the constitution, law, and our policies to keep this community safe.

The Anderson Police Department is committed to providing the highest customer service and police service to our residents, workers, and visitors. We are committed to being held accountable to our four core values:





We are dedicated to sound morale, character, transparency, and accountability. In the years to come, I am confident we will continue to serve and protect the citizens of Anderson to ensure this community remains a safe and fun place to raise a family, work, and visit. Please join us in this journey. It takes effort from all of us to keep a community safe, and we are here to partner with you to continue moving the great City of Anderson forward.

Strength in our community. Strength in our team efforts. Strength in our personnel.

Adherence to what is right and treating everyone with great respect.

Anderson Police Department personnel will stay committed to serving the City’s best interests and working alongside the citizens of Anderson to help find innovative ways to solve the problems facing our community.

Anderson Police Department personnel are well-trained and highly skilled professionals that are resilient, honest, ethical, and credible.