​A Message from Chief Michael L. Johnson

 Thank you for visiting the Anderson Police Department (APD) website.  The City of Anderson is a small, rural city situated in northern California along the Interstate 5 corridor.  Established in 1872, the City, named after Elias Anderson who owned the largest land grant in the vicinity, once flourished as a lumber town spurred by railroad activity.  Today, with a population of approximately 10,500 residents, the City of Anderson continues to thrive and still enjoys the benefits of a close-knit community. 



As the eleventh Chief of Police to serve the Anderson community, I take pride in preserving our Northstate way of life.  APD will not compromise our community values or bow to political pressures or special interests.  The men and women of this organization are committed to upholding the Constitutional rights, values, and laws of this state and this great nation.  Professionalism and service through aggressive and proactive policing are ingrained into the enforcement philosophy of this agency.  We strictly adhere to our organizational core values of Strength, Honor, Integrity, and Commitment.


The value of this police department is measured by the safety of our community.  Collaborative relationships with our citizens and businesses are the benchmark for measuring our success.  I am dedicated to facilitating those relationships and assuring that our officers are well trained and equipped to protect this community.  We strive for excellence and will always be accessible and responsive to our citizen’s needs. 


I am honored to serve alongside all the personnel within the department:  the officers, support staff, chaplains, and the volunteers are all unified in our mission to serve the greater good.